Paint Pressure Tank

  • For continuous painting of a single color, the 10 to 80 paint tank is very convenient.
  • It is available in both manual and automatic models equipped with a mixer to prevent the paint from precipitating. The automatic model mixes paint continuously with an air motor, so it is especial-ly useful when using easily pre-cipitated paint and painting at a distance from the tank.

Paint pressure tank for water-base paint.

  • Interior wall has been treated to resist rust where it contacts paint. Inner containers of stainless steel are also available.
  • These tanks are not for solvent paint.
  • Powder coating over interior wall and inner surface of lid.
  • Manual mixing blade is chrome-plated and automatic mixing blade is electroless nickel- plated.
  • Suction filter body, turbulence plate, support band, and fastening bands are electroless nickel-plated.
  • Mixing handle, suction pipe, and bolts which become submerged in paint are stainless steel.