Genuine test

1. CO, CQ

※ Are the CO and CQ you requested documents that ANEST IWATA actually issued?

※ Customs clearance documents are falsified and there are many trading companies explaining CO and CQ.

※ ANEST IWATA VIETNAM Co., Ltd. Issue CO and CQ according to customer needs.

※ CO and CQ that ANEST IWATA VIETNAM regularly issues become the following forms.

2. Guide to distinguish genuine spray gun W-101

The W-101 is a hand-held paint sprayer series from Anest Iwata, a famous Japanese corporation. After years of entering the Vietnamese market, more and more customers believe it.

However, it is also because of that that the market has started to appear fake products, seriously affecting users.

So, today we would like to send you a video tutorial that distinguishes genuine paint and counterfeit spray gun, the most used sale model: W101, namely W101-134G

There are many ways to distinguish:


1. Bar code outside the box

From the W101 line upwards, for genuine goods, the barcode will be printed outside the box.

As for counterfeit goods, they only print bar codes on a piece of paper and paste it outside.


2. Use barcode scanning software

There are quite a lot of software to scan product barcode. When scanning, for genuine products will immediately release the product, the right name, correct model in Japanese language (W101 is made in Japan).

Counterfeit goods cannot be scanned, but if more sophisticated, it can still be made but not the correct model under test.


3. Instructions to distinguish spray guns painted with 3D stamps

Genuine goods: 3D light stamp on the side of the gun. The stamps are very bright, and there are grooves, the strip only needs to be lightly peeled off.

Counterfeit goods: Sometimes with some models are also stamped, but look quite dark and dull. On the stamp there are no lines like genuine goods. Even, there is no stamp, a typical example is the model in the introduction video above.


4. Series printed on gun body

Any model of Iwata paint spray gun has a series printed on the gun body, consisting of 2 letters, representing the year and month of manufacture.

The first letter is the year, the second is the manufacturing month.

Based on this, if there are more than 2 letters, you can tell whether it is fake or genuine. However, if it also has 2 letters, you can rely on 3D stamps to identify. In the case of not recognizing the series is right or wrong.


5. Stamps against fake goods

In 2017, Anest Iwata has added anti-counterfeiting stamps outside the product. You scratch the silver overlay, write a message and receive the results.


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