Other Spray Gun

1. Long-Shaft Gun: Ideal for coating hard-to-reach places and pipe internal surfaces.


súng phun sơn



2. Round Pattern Gun: The gun always produces a round spray pattern.



・Plastic models

・Painting on fabric

・Art and craft works


・Refinishing for small automobile scars




3. Spray Gun for High-Viscosity Paint: Spray gun for special high-viscosity paint, adhesive, etc.

W-2001-1 + PC-19B

W-2003 + PC-19B




・Special high-viscosity paint


・Building wall paint



4. Tangled Web Gun: Ideal for creating tangled web or pearskin spray patterns.



The air cap with a special mechanism allows the spray gun to produce tangled web and pearskin spray patterns.

Use the gun for spraying artistic woodwork and creating patterns on cloth. 




5. Agitator Spray Guns

Spray guns with a paint agitator (for pearl and metallic paint).


Spraying while agitating for deposition-prone paint (agitator spray gun) .

The agitator spray gun is a touch-up spray gun combined with an agitator-equipped container.

Useful for covering up small- and medium-size scars.

For smooth finish using pearl or metallic paint.