AIR COMPRESSOR - SLM Series and MFA Series

SLM Series (200L/min~10,800L/min)

Oil Free Scroll Compressor Systems For Hospital.




MFA Series.

Oil Free Reciprocating Base Mount Air Compressor.




Air Filter.
A solid foreign substance, oil, and bad smell delete
- Effectively removes moisture and dust from compressed air to make the air clean.
- Various models are available from which you can choose for the intended application.
Air delivery is discharged air volume at maximum pressure converted into atmospheric pressure.
If you need guaranteed value, please contact us.



Air Dryer
High-quality model for hot incoming air
Compressed air exhausted from an air compressor contains lots of hot moisture.
Using such compressed air as is will damage pneumatic equipment.
The refrigerated air dryer forcibly cools incoming compressed air to condense moisture.