Guns Special For Car Refinish

1. KIWAMI Series: Best suited to conventional types of paint (two-pack solvent base coat, etc.).



The KIWAMI Series products are based on the results of our thorough market researches that we have conducted from two perspectives of work efficiency improvement and superior coating surface formation to identify a range of customers' preferences for automotive refinishing spray guns from use conditions to coating methods.

These products have been developed as automotive refinishing spray guns that meet the needs of those customers who are not fully satisfied with the widely used general-purpose spray guns of the WIDER1 Series or the low pressure spray guns of the WIDER1L Series. 



  • KIWAMI Series (Gold)

"Less darkening of the coating by scatterings"

•The model features the Kiwami Series dedicated air cap exclusively designed for metallic and pearl coating.

•Reducing spatters around edges helps reduces darkening.

•Automization is possible even during low-pressure coating.

•Less paint adhestion to air cap.

  • KIWAMI Series (Silver)

"Silver for clear and solid coating"

•Center thickness pattern allows easy formation of a thick, glossy coating film.

•A pattern with a thin layer stretching around the edge makes paint streaks less likely.


  • KIWAMI Series 

"For primer coating"

・The needle is quenched, as the pressure gun, for increased strength.

・The nozzle orifice bore suitable for primer coating, stable paint particles, and patterns reduce spits and other problems, making it possible to shorten the time for polishing work.


"For small-area top coating"

・Less darkening of the coating by scatterings.

・Optimal atomization in LVLP coating.

・Less paint adhestion to air cap.



2. Process-specific kiwami Spray Guns (Base Coat/Clear Coat)

Two advanced kiwami models; ultimate tools suitable for superior skill and technique




•We have added to the lineup two new models created by enhancing KIWAMI-1-13B8 (W-101-136BGC) of the current kiwami.

Series to better suit environment-friendly paint used for automotive refinishing (one-pack low-solvent base coat, high solid clear, etc.).

•The two new models are each designed for a specific process: KIWAMI-1-13B8 (W-101-136BGC) for base coat and KIWAMI-1-14B8 (W-101-146BGC) for clear coat.

•Both the main unit and the cap are marked "'kiwami".

•The main unit is marked "BASE" or "CLEAR."

•The color of the knobs of the pattern adjusting unit and air flow rate adjusting unit is black for the base coat model and silver for the clear coat model.


3. kiwami Model Recommended by Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.

kiwami model developed through collaboration with a paint maker; recommended by Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.




•A Kansai Paint model has been added to the 'kiwami Series lineup.

•With the cooperation of Kansai Paint Field Support, we have fine-tuned this 'kiwami Series model to make it optimal for the "Retan PG Hybrid Eco/HS System."

•The image above shows the cup-equipped KIWAMI-1-13KP6 (W-101-136KPGC) model.


4. kiwami Model recommended by Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.

kiwami model repeatedly enhanced through collaboration with a paint maker; recommended by Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.




•A Nippon Paint-recommended model has been added to the bodyshop spray gun lineup of the 'kiwami Series.

•With the full cooperation of Nippon Paint Co., Ltd, we have customized the 'kiwami Series.

The spray gun is best suited to the "nax REAL e3 system."

•The image above shows the cup-equipped W-101-136NPGC model.

※PC-400SB-2LF and the spanner are included in this spray gun.


LPH-80 Series.



Excellent weight balance

The paint container on top of the spray gun provides an excellent weight balance, ensuring the gun fits in the hand. 

Flat thin-layer pattern with efficient mist dispersion

Even coating is provided with water-based and high solid types of paint as well for which atomizing has been difficult to realize.